Italy: you have to queue for everything, life at CARA di Mineo
Sicily, 22 October 2014 – When migrants land in Lampedusa or Sicily, the registration process begins. They are accommodated in first-level reception facilities and, once processed, those seeking refugee status are taken to a Centro di Accoglienza per Richiedenti Asilo (CARA), or a centre for the reception of asylum seekers set up in Italy in 2008, to await the decision on their request for asylum.
Italy: wait, wait, wait, the asylum procedure
Sicily, 8 October 2014 – Italy’s asylum procedure was clearly a source of frustration, bewilderment and worry for the people we interviewed. Nothing new in this – asylum seekers in other host countries would say exactly the same about the unfriendly and confusingly bureaucratic systems they trust will deliver the protection they seek.
Italy: I went nowhere so what's the point?
Sicily, 15 October 2014 – The eyes of Kofi left the most lasting impression. Big, black and mournful, filled with tears, they willed us to understand his words, simple and repetitive in themselves.
EU action urgently needed on Italy’s refugee crisis
Brussels, 8 October 2014 – JRS Europe launched its new report ‘Rescued – What Next? Protection seekers stranded in Sicily’ at a policy briefing in the European Parliament in Brussels yesterday. The briefing and discussion drew a clear link between Italian and EU policies on reception conditions for asylum seekers. It called on European decision-makers to work together to find joint solutions to better accommodate and integrate forced migrants.
Europe: Rescued – what next? Protection seekers stranded in Sicily
Brussels, 7 October 2014 – Interviews conducted with migrants stranded in southern Italy expose the failure of European reception systems to uphold principles of human dignity, hospitality and fairness, according to the findings of a new report by the Jesuit Refugee Service.
Safe passage into Europe needed for refugees
Brussels, Rome, 2 October 2014 – A year after the tragic death of nearly 400 forced migrants – men, women, children – off the coast of the Italian island of Lampedusa, tens of thousands of lives have been saved. The details of how close the victims were to the coast spurred the Italian government to act. Proof, if any was needed, of how much can be done when states prioritise life above border security.

Praying with Refugees in Belgium: then the storm died down
Bruges, 1 October 2014 – Detention centres are places where storms frequently erupt, especially in the spirits of anxious, angry and stressed detainees. They feel overwhelmed, as if drowning. Yet in the middle of these dark storms, suddenly something can change. It is difficult to identify exactly what, but something changes their perspective, draws their attention to elements almost lost in the storm. It might be that God is at work.
Recent stories
Middle East: protection of Syrian civilians must be world's priority, humanitarian and human rights groups demand
London, 24 September 2014 – Any further intervention in the Middle East must address the suffering of Syrian civilians, a global coalition of 39 leading human rights and humanitarian organisations said today. Ahead of the UN General Assembly meeting in New York, the #WithSyria coalition – comprising Amnesty International, the Jesuit Refugee Service, Save the Children and other – urges world leaders, whoever they support in the conflict, to make clear that they are on the side of civilians.
Pope Francis urges 'globalization of charity and cooperation' to aid migrants and refugees
Vatican, 24 September 2014 – "Jesus Christ is always waiting to be recognized in migrants and refugees, in displaced persons and in exiles, and through them he calls us to share our resources, and occasionally to give up something of our acquired riches," writes Pope Francis in his annual message ahead of the Jan. 18 World Day of Refugees and Migrants.
Lost in Italy - Kofi's story
Brussels, 15 September 2014 - Migrants who have been rescued from drowning at sea and disembarked in Sicily are too often left in destitution. Big gaps in protection remain and all too often migrants fall through these gaps. Many end up sleeping on the streets of Catania. Kofi's story is symbolic of a failing system. Despite his suffering, he openly shared his story with JRS communications officer, Oscar Spooner, in the hope that it may make a difference.

Italy's refugee crisis
Brussels, 12 September 2014 - This article highlights the aims of the JRS Europe 'Rescued - What Next?' campaign and outlines the scope of our upcoming report on the situation protection seekers face in Italy.

Though this be madness, yet there is method in it
Brussels, 12 September 2014 - Europe's senior policy officer, Mr Stefan Kessler, takes a look at the skewed policies of the EU, which put border security before international human rights protection. So far there has been very little solidarity with Italy, which is struggling to cope with the thousands of forced migrants which it has saved from the sea.

France: is this the same planet?
Paris, 8 September 2014 – Molly Mullen from JRS International wanted to interview Mohammed about the lodging he found in Paris thanks to the Welcome Network. Instead, she heard about the deep frustration and sadness felt by refugees who seek asylum in Europe.
JRS works to mainstream human rights at Frontex
Brussels, 07 August 2014 – For two years now, Stefan Kessler, senior policy officer at JRS Europe has been the co-chair of the consultative forum to Frontex, the EU agency for external border security headquartered in Warsaw. JRS Europe, took part regular discussions with the management board and staff of Frontex in order to mainstream human rights in their border security work. The first annual report of the consultative forum is out now.
Spain-Morocco: borders before people
Madrid, 06 August 2014 – A special report ‘Lives at the Southern Borders’ based on two fact-finding missions to the Spanish borders with Morocco, calls on the Spanish government and the European Union to put human rights before border security. The report and recommendations were submitted to the Spanish Ombudsman at the end of July.
Malta: desperation drives boat migrants – new report
Valletta, 24 July 2014 – JRS Malta hosted the launch of ‘Going West’, a report on mixed migration from the Horn of Africa to Libya and Europe, based on extensive field research by the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) and the Regional Mixed Migration Secretariat (RMMS). The Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta was full as a lively discussion and debate ensued.
France: longing for a space to call home
Paris, 24 July 2014 – When I want to take a shower, I look at my body. For example here, this is from a cigarette. My hand is broken. You can see they used acid to burn off the tattoo I got for my mother.
European Court: migrants must not be detained as criminals
Luxembourg, 17 July 2014 - The Court of Justice of the European Union has ruled that migrants must not be held in prison pending their removal if a Member State has a specialized detention centre in any part of its territory.
Heart of gold: detained but not broken
London, 04 July 2014 - In this testimony from the UK a JRS volunteer describes her unexpected encounter with an Afghan man held in an immigration removal centre. This chance meeting of two people, one free and the other detained, reveals a surprising role-reversal and highlights the inner human spirit that knows no borders.
World Refugee Day: finding safe spaces together
Rome, 20 June 2014 – Today on World Refugee Day, the Jesuit Refugee Service commemorates the courage and endurance of the millions of people forced to flee their homes, and the many who welcome them into their communities.