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JRS Prize Winner Reports from Malawi
In July, the winner of the JRS Journalism Prize 2008, Ms Anastasia Stolovitskaya, traveled to Malawi to visit a JRS project.  Click the links below to read about her experiences.

Dzaleka: the Land of
the Wind

Fleeing from the hand that feeds

Dzaleka to the Eyes of a Stranger

is housing 9,000-11,000 African
refugees from the conflict stricken
areas of the DRC, Burundi and
Rwanda.  Caught in between a past
and future, Anastasia Stolovitskaya
tells the story of some of the
refugees she met.
                              read more...  

IN HER SECOND ARTICLE FROM Malawi, Anastasia Stolovitskaya speaks to a refugee desperate to make a life for himself outside
of the refugee camp.


look at daily life in Dzaleka and talks to some of the people that make this refugee camp tick.


more to follow...


The Winners: Access to Asylum, a Competition for Student Journalists 2007/2008
Prizes awarded to Danish, Israeli and Russian student journalists
First Prize trip to  Refugee Camp, Malawi
MEPs presented prizes in European Parliament

JRS received an overwhelming response to the 2007/2008  edition of the JRS Student Journalism Prize.  Entries arrived from all corners of Europe and dealt with a diverse range of topics.  Each displayed engagement and empathy with the subject of 'Access to Asylum'.

For all those who entered, we thank you for your contribution and we hope to have continued success with this competition in the coming years.

Winners of JRS Competition for Student Journalists 2008:

In third place was Mr. Thomas Bay Estrup from Denmark, for his article, ‘A Young African’s Odyssey to Europe’. The article deals with a young Nigerian boy’s journey to Europe in search of a better life. The jury praised the article for its style and vivid account of this boy’s journey.

In second place was Ms. Stav Shaffir from the UK, for her article, ‘Shall We Dance’. Dealing with the difficulties faced by homosexual asylum seekers, all jury members agreed that Ms. Shaffir’s piece tackled an issue that is still not getting much coverage in the mainstream media.

In first place was Ms. Anastasia Stolovitskaya from Denmark, for her article, ‘The Politics of Fighting Windmills’. Ms. Stolovitskaya’s article is an account of the day-to-day reality of life in a detention centre for one Iraqi family. The jurors were particularly impressed by the authors style of delivery and the understanding of the subject showed by Ms Stolovitskaya.

The three winners attended a prize-giving ceremony hosted by Ms. Hiltrud Breyer MEP in the European Parliament on April 15th. Overall winner Ms. Anastasia Stolovitskaya will visit a refugee camp in Malawi this summer and document her experiences for JRS.

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