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Pedro Arrupe Award 2010-2011

JRS Europe is glad to announce the launch of the Fourth Edition of the Pedro Arrupe Award (2010-2011 edition).


What is Pedro Arrupe Award?

It’s a project organised by the Jesuit Refugee Service – Europe (JRS-E) to raise awareness of refugees among students who attend Jesuit schools and other schools linked to JRS.

The Pedro Arrupe Award offers the chance to win a trip to a JRS project in Europe!


Students, in small groups of 3-5 people, will:

  • First, study refugee issues

  • Then, create an original project to demonstrate what they have learnt.

You can submit: Videos, Novels, Paintings, Websites, Research essays, Radio programmes, And much more!


First of all, you need to get some basic information and understanding of refugee issues: attend specific classes organised by your teachers to introduce you to the theme, then access the student’s resources JRS-E has provided.


For the new edition of the Pedro Arrupe Award, The Jesuit Refugee Service-Europe would also like to offer schools the possibility to organise meetings with refugees during which students can establish direct contacts and get an in-depth perspective on refugees in Europe.


Our national offices will be at your disposal to set up a meeting and to support you during the whole duration of the project and for the evaluation of the entries at national level. You can find a list of JRS-Europe’s national offices at:





Introductory lessons in regards to refugee issues, various suggestions for school activities and student activities selected for age groups, as well as links to further sources of data and information.



Basic information about who is a refugee, and refugees in Europe. Games, movies, refugees’ stories, comics and case studies to provide you with useful information and inspire you in developing your project.



Get started by taking a look at the projects from the 2009 award.



Project submission to JRS national offices: 1st April 2011

Winners’ announcement: 20th May 2011

Prize Ceremony (Brussels): late June 2011

Winners’ trips: July 2011



Category under 19: Life in Jeopady, a film/ interview (Aleksandra Adler, Katarzyna Hetmanska and Filip Zbroja) Jesuit High School in Gdynia (Poland)

Category under 16: The Luggage, visual art+video (Margo Bauwens, Frderika Clement, Adrien De Houwer, Pieter-Jan De Man and Yasmin Van Linthoudt) Jan-van-Ruysbroeck College, Brussels (Belgium)

A special mention has been given by the jury to the documentary named "Problems of the Refugees" (Alicja Podlesny, Weronika Skowronska, Kinga Ossowska, Wiktoria Sojka and Magdalena Bernisz) Jesuit High School in Gdynia (Poland)



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Promotional Material

Promotional material for your schools is now available for the 2010/2011 editon of the Pedro Arrupe Award.

If you wish to download printable versions of the 2010/2011 brochure for schools, please follow the links below...

Brochure English
Brochure French
Brochure Spanish
Brochure Dutch

CORRIGENDUM: The foreseen trip for the under 19 years old students to Macedonia, will be replaced by a trip to Malta

Follow these links to see the Pedro Arrupe Award Website in your language (ENGLISH, SPANISH, FRENCH)

Available Now!!

The poster for the Pedro Arrupe Award 2010/2011. Click here to download a printable version to display in your school.