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Prize Giving Ceremony in European Parliament 2010

Price Giving Ceremony 2011

Prize Giving Ceremony in European Parliament 2009

Price Giving Ceremony 2009

Winners trip to Macedonia and Malta

Visit to Macedonia
Visit to Malta
Winner Project

Last Updated ( Monday, 18 July 2011 16:11 )

Promotional Material

Promotional material for your schools is now available for the 2010/2011 editon of the Pedro Arrupe Award.

If you wish to download printable versions of the 2010/2011 brochure for schools, please follow the links below...

Brochure English
Brochure French
Brochure Spanish
Brochure Dutch

CORRIGENDUM: The foreseen trip for the under 19 years old students to Macedonia, will be replaced by a trip to Malta

Follow these links to see the Pedro Arrupe Award Website in your language (ENGLISH, SPANISH, FRENCH)

Available Now!!

The poster for the Pedro Arrupe Award 2010/2011. Click here to download a printable version to display in your school.